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Volunteer Management and Results

In the early days of parkrun, we wrote our own results processing application and called it Field Management Software (FMS). Some years later, we created an online version, called WebFMS, a web-based application that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device in a web browser.

There are two user guides for WebFMS:

We have a chat facility available via to help volunteers with results processing issues on event days. The service is monitored by volunteers who are happy to help solve WebFMS issues.

Removing Results

parkrunners receiving their results is a fundamental principle of what we do.

There are occasions when we need to remove a participant's result. This could be due to a genuine scanning mistake, however, we also reserve the right to remove a participant’s result where we feel our code of conduct has been breached. Such breaches can include situations where an Under 11 participant has been unaccompanied or anti-social behaviour.

In most circumstances, results should not be removed for a first-time occurrence. An incident should be recorded via WebFMS detailing the individuals involved and the nature of the issue.

Where an event team feel there has been a breach of the code of conduct they should not remove the participant’s result themselves. In all cases, the participant and their responsible adult, if necessary, should be communicated with, preferably face-to-face to discuss the situation. It should be noted that if there is a repeat occurrence this could mean the removal of results in the future and a further incident should be raised and parkrun HQ will investigate, which may result in a result being removed.

Participants who scan at multiple events on the same day will have their second result removed by parkrun HQ.

Event teams should not remove results in any circumstances other than admin errors.

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