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We recently published our new global five year strategy that sets out the direction for the future.

May 2022

A warm welcome to the Volunteer Hub and thanks for reading the May update.

With 2096 different 5k and junior parkruns taking place around the world on Saturday & Sunday 23-24 April, that’s more events than we’ve ever had over a regular weekend. Definitely a reason to be cheerful!

Wheelchair users at parkrun

parkrun prides itself in being accessible to as many people as possible and we, therefore, welcome wheelchair users. However, we do not determine the suitability or otherwise of our courses for wheelchairs, as this varies greatly depending on the skill, experience, and confidence of the wheelchair user.

All event teams can be contacted via the email address at the bottom of the event web page, and you may be contacted to talk through the details of your course so that a wheelchair user can decide whether they feel it is suitable for them.

Wheelchair users can contact our support team via parkrun support if they wish to have their parkrun profile marked in such a way that they then appear in our results as a wheelchair participant.

You can read the full policy relating to ‘wheels’ at parkrun in the Volunteer Hub, which also details the use of prams, running buggies and other forms of participation (some of which are not allowed, like bikes or skateboards) that involve wheels.

Event Day Course check

This month we look at the important volunteer role of Event Day Course Check which involves checking that the course is safe for everyone. The check should take place on the day of the event as close to the start time as reasonably possible and a volunteer credit should be given to the person undertaking this role.

It’s a great way for people to get started on their volunteering journey at parkrun.

We encourage everyone to share the video series, whether on your home event news page or across your personal social media pages to help promote parkrun volunteering in a positive way. Thank you.

Updating ICE details

When was the last time you checked to see if your ICE (In Case of Emergency) details were correct in your parkrun profile? Please look at your parkrun barcode to check they are up to date.

Having access to your correct ICE details helps us to easily contact the relevant person should the need to do so ever arise at parkrun. You can carry your parkrun barcode when you take part in other activities so you always have your ICE details with you.

You can easily update your ICE details by accessing your parkrun profile. Once you’ve updated them, print out a new barcode and bring it with you the next time you join us.

The roster can never be full - welcoming everyone who wants to volunteer

Anyone and everyone is welcome to volunteer at parkrun, and we strongly encourage teams to welcome people who come forward and offer to volunteer, whether that’s during the week or on the morning of the event.

You never know what impact turning down an offer of help might have on someone who has plucked up the courage to get involved. And turning someone away might mean they never offer again.

Remember, a course can never have too many marshals, and pairing up with a more experienced team member gives a new volunteer a chance to build confidence and make a new parkrun friend. Everyone is welcome to volunteer at parkrun!

Run Report Writer becomes Report Writer

This month we have another small change to announce regarding the name of a volunteering role. ‘Run Report Writer’ has now officially become ‘Report Writer’ (in the Volunteer Roster and in our official communications) reflecting the fact that parkrun is a broad, inclusive event where everyone is welcome.

Whilst this is not a compulsory role it’s an excellent way to share news, help build community engagement, celebrate being active together and set the tone at your event.

Please consider adding the role of Report Writer to your template roster. It may bring forward new volunteers.

Meet parkrunner volunteer Sally!

I've been an avid parkrunner for years, but six months ago I had to have a hip operation (at the fine age of 28!).

I've been volunteering at my local parkrun to stay involved. I want to tell everyone about the joy of volunteering and it being accessible to all, even on crutches and a camping chair!

volunteer Sally

Wherever you are in the world, I wish you a fantastic month of parkrunning, whether that is volunteering, walking, jogging, running or spectating.

James Kemp
Global Operations Manager