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We recently published our new global five year strategy that sets out the direction for the future.

October 2022

A very warm welcome to the volunteer update for October 2022. Please note that this will be the last monthly volunteer update for the foreseeable future as we review our process for communication with volunteers, event teams and ambassadors. Important updates will continue to be sent out via email to event teams and ambassadors, to be cascaded onwards to volunteers on the ground.

Event Administration

A huge thank you to everyone who supports event administration and results processing at our 2000+ events each weekend.

Here's some handy reminders:

  • Logging a cancellation - if you have to cancel an event, please do so promptly via WebFMS, and not just on social media. This ensures that a message is displayed on the event website so that it is clear that there will be no event on that date.
  • Reconfirming a volunteer roster - if new volunteers need to be added to or removed from a volunteer roster after it has been initially submitted, please reconfirm the roster, using the option ‘Confirm Roster’ in the ‘Event Actions’ tab under the Volunteer Roster section in WebFMS, so that volunteer instances are recorded correctly.
  • Compulsory roles - please ensure that all ‘compulsory roles’ on the roster have been filled.

The absolute minimum roles required to confirm the roster are: Run Director, Timekeeper and Barcode Scanner. In addition the following compulsory roles also need to be filled: Tail Walker, Event Day Course Check at all events, and in addition Warm Up Leader at junior parkrun events.

Note: Other roles should of course be included, but those do not automatically trigger an error message for the following week or appear on our governance reports.

Passwords for WebFMS

Please note that log-ins for WebFMS are personal, and should not be shared amongst different members of an event team. The reason for this is that the password that is used for WebFMS also allows access to an individual’s parkrun profile, which contains personal details.

Additional users can easily be added via the ‘User Admin’ menu in WebFMS by the Event Director at an event, who will have ‘User Creator’ rights for the system. An Event Director can also delete users who are listed as ‘FMS Processors’ in the system, but no longer process results at an event.

Please contact Event Support if you need to update details for who has ‘User Creator’ rights for your event.

Wherever you are in the world, enjoy your parkrunning - or parkwalking - throughout October.

James Kemp
Global Operations Manager