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We recently published our new global five year strategy that sets out the direction for the future.

Volunteer Ambassadors

In most parkrun territories we have developed a network of volunteer Ambassadors who carry out important roles to support events and HQ. These networks are made up of highly engaged, dedicated, and experienced parkrun volunteers all of whom have undergone a robust recruitment process.

Ambassadors are guardians, advocates, protectors and champions of parkrun.

Ambassador Roles

The Ambassadorial roles are as follows (noting that not all will apply to every parkrun territory):

Event Ambassadors

Support and develop positive relationships with existing event teams as well as supporting, guiding and training new event teams in setting up and delivering their events in line with our activation process.

Regional Ambassadors

Support and guide Event Ambassadors across a region, as well as help recruit more Event Ambassadors.

Video and photography

Capture high quality, digitally accessible, photographs and video of participation at parkrun events.


Take an active role in promoting the wide variety of ways that people can become involved in parkrun, with a specific focus on increasing participation amongst groups that are underrepresented at our events.

Event Processing Support

To answer queries from event teams who are having trouble processing results on a weekend.

parkrunner Support

To answer queries that are sent into the service desk from parkrunners.

Social Media & Communications

To support parkrun with the management and monitoring of social media channels.

Critical Incident Line

To act as the first response for any critical incidents at events through a dedicated telephone line.


To assist with the translation of internal parkrun documents, public-facing articles, social media posts and ad hoc requests.

Grant Ambassadors

To identify, write, submit and complete acquittals for high-quality grant applications to secure funding for prospect and established events.

Note: Not all of these roles are available in all regions. If you are interested in finding out what ambassador opportunities are available in your region, please contact