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The current position regarding COVID-19(Coronavirus) and implications for parkrun events are available on each Country's blog.

parkrun Practice Initiative

Some parkrun events have been linking with General Practitioner (GP) practices for several years and, to scale this up, in June 2018 parkrun UK launched the parkrun practice initiative in collaboration with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).

This initiative aims to raise awareness of parkrun amongst practice staff across the UK, encourage them to take part in parkrun and signpost patients/carers to our events, support the growth of social prescribing and help create integrated and supportive local communities centred on wellness.

More details and information, including the parkrun practice Toolkit, a map, resources, assets and media articles, can be found on the RCGP-hosted parkrun practice website.

It is likely that this initiative will be replicated in some other parkrun territories from 2020.