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We recently published our new global five year strategy that sets out the direction for the future.


parkrun is a global organisation whose mission is to create a healthier and happier planet.

We seek to unite people across the world under the shared banner of free community-led, socially-focused, physical activity. We are driven by our desire to change the landscape and perception of what it means to be active, and our simple, sustainable, operational structure empowers communities to deliver a truly wonderful experience. Participation is through walking, jogging, running and volunteering. Each one is equal and all make a contribution to their event. Spectating is also highly encouraged.

Embedded in everything we do is a guiding ethos of creating an environment that is inclusive, fun and positive. At our heart is community, integration and friendship. We believe that people are innately good and acting with the best of intentions.

We are committed to delivering physical activity interventions designed to help communities to be healthier and happier through:
  • insight and understanding of the challenges and issues that impact participation
  • normalising physically active behaviour
  • proactively championing diversity and inclusivity
  • challenging stereotypes and conventional thinking
  • removing the barriers to participation, particularly for those whom physical activity, including volunteering, is not the norm
  • targeting and supporting the people and communities who find it hardest to participate and have most to benefit
  • focusing on under-represented groups and those from areas of social deprivation where there is a lack of provision for physical activities
  • positively influencing attitudes, language and behaviour change; and
  • challenging ourselves every single day in order to ensure we are living up to our mission statement

Every operational decision impacting what happens at our events, every weekend, is set in the context of supporting thousands of events globally and enabling the many thousands that will follow. Every decision impacting this movement is made with razor-sharp focus on our mission and to keep parkrun free, for everyone, forever.