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The current position regarding COVID-19(Coronavirus) and implications for parkrun events are available on each Country's blog.


In order to record a walker, jogger, or runner’s attendance we ask them to bring a printed barcode on the day, and we scan that after they have crossed the finish line. Our global policy is No printed barcode, no time, no exceptionand it is important that all events abide by this rule.

When people register for parkrun they are directed to print their barcode, which includes guidance that they must present it in order to receive a result. It also states that barcodes are not accepted on phones or other devices.

We only accept printed barcodes, which can be on paper, on a key tag, or a wristband. Bringing a printed barcode has been a fundamental part of parkrun since 2008, and allows us to produce accurate results, shortly after each event, and at no cost to the participants.

What are some of the other reasons we ask for a ‘printed’ barcode?
  • We always include people’s names on their barcodes, and this helps to build connections and communities.
  • The printed barcodes have “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) data. Having the name and ICE details readily accessible allows us to use this information if needed to help keep participants safe.
  • We believe that allowing barcodes on digital devices would significantly extend scanning times.
What should I do if someone doesn’t bring a printed barcode?

It's important that all events support each other and don't scan a barcode on a watch or phone or add a time for someone who forgets their barcode.

What if someone brings their printed barcode but it won’t scan?

It is absolutely ok for volunteers to write down and manually enter barcodes that won't scan. The barcode may be muddy, sweaty, scrunched, or the scanner won’t read it. If the person has their barcode, the volunteer can add their name, but the parkrunner should be asked to reprint their barcode for future events and, if appropriate, be informed of the parkrun key tags, cards and wristbands.