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We recently published our new global five year strategy that sets out the direction for the future.


parkrun is an open and inclusive organisation and we strive to reduce and remove barriers to participation.

Since parkrun started we have welcomed people who wish to walk at our events. This includes those walking with poles (Nordic Walkers), who are not marked as assisted and their results are not adjusted in any way.

Tail Walker Volunteers

Every parkrun has a Tail Walker volunteer (or volunteers) who sets off at the start of the event and walks at the back of the field. A Tail Walker is entitled to receive both a volunteer credit and a walk/run credit (providing they brought their barcode with them to be scanned) when carrying out this role.

Please note that the volunteer carrying out this role must be a registered parkrunner in line with our safeguarding policy and that we are always happy to see more than one Tail Walker at an event.

The role is compulsory at all 5k and 2k events globally.


The parkwalker role is a friendly face or faces who provide support and encouragement to walkers - read more about this role here.

No cut off time

One of Paul Sinton-Hewitt’s founding principles was that there should be no cut off time, and this principle is applied at every parkrun across the world.