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Photography Policy

Taking and sharing photos and videos is a great way for parkruns to interact with parkrunners, document successes and celebrate good news stories. parkrun boasts almost one million followers across social media on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and the parkrun social media community is growing by the minute.

With that in mind, it is important to remember the potential audience when taking and sharing photos. Once a photo or video has been shared, even within a private group, it is out there in the public domain, and not something that can ever be fully deleted or recalled.

Unfortunately, there are people out there who will use photos and videos for negative purposes; bullying, grooming, locating, and trolling can all start with a misjudged photo.

Volunteer photographers of all abilities and with whatever equipment they have at their disposal are invited to take pictures at our events, however, we ask that they respect the parkrun photography and video policy as outlined below:

  • Individuals should only be identified if they are happy for that to happen.
  • Where children are included in images their name should not be used.
  • Only use images of people in suitable clothing and do not take any of people getting changed.
  • Please do not use images of children in school uniform, or any other items of clothing that could identify where they live.
  • Images that are published or shared should positively reflect people’s involvement in parkrun.
  • Ideally, photographs should represent a broad range of people participating.
  • If an individual asks for any published image to be removed, it should be done without question at the earliest opportunity.
  • It is not possible for individuals to opt-out of being photographed or filmed at a parkrun event. For this reason, all event-specific websites state that photographing or filming is likely to take place. If event teams know in advance that additional photography or filming is going to take place they should alert people to this beforehand via social media and the event website, and include it in the Pre-Event Briefing.
  • At times, parkrun events will have a volunteer Photographer in attendance. This is someone who is taking photographs and or videos for inclusion in parkrun communication and social media channels.
Photographers must always…
  • register as an official volunteer
  • make themselves known to the Run Director
  • wear a high-vis vest at all times
  • We do not support photographers charging individuals for event photography at parkrun events.
  • We do not publish photos with additional watermarks, graphics, or other branding
  • Official volunteer photographers grant parkrun an exclusive irrevocable licence to reproduce photographs and video footage taken at parkrun events and to use those photographs and videos and copies of them without charge in parkrun communications, on parkrun social media channels and in advertising or promotional material related to parkrun.


We do not allow anyone to film and/or share any drone footage of parkrun events via run reports or social media channels.