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We recently published our new global five year strategy that sets out the direction for the future.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

We believe parkrun is a safe environment for the community to get together and participate in physical activity as walkers, joggers, runners, or volunteers.

We are working towards a global position where all parkrun events will have direct access to an AED.

Currently all Australian, New Zealand, Malaysian, Singaporean, Irish, Japanese and UK events have this already.

Events in those countries without an AED may still go ahead without one for now, until they have been provided with their own device.

Where an event does have direct access to an AED we ask that Run Directors mention the whereabouts of it in the first timer’s and pre-event brief every week, and ensure that it is detailed in the risk assessment and on the event’s health and safety lanyards.

Events that own their own AED should keep it at the finish area during the event and
events that utilise a third party AED should ensure that the AED is within a five minute round trip to the finish area and easily accessible.

If an event team knows, in advance of their event, that the AED will not be available on the day they must attempt to locate a replacement. If they require assistance, they should contact If by Friday 12 pm local time, this is not possible the event must be cancelled immediately citing this as the reason for cancellation on WebFMS or EMS.

When carrying out the pre-event setup, the team finds the AED is not available or not in working order, the event must be cancelled citing this as the reason for cancellation on WebFMS or EMS.

See the appropriate guide for each country below:

Australia / Malaysia / New Zealand / Singapore (coming soon)

Canada / Denmark / Finland / Netherlands / Norway / South Africa / Sweden / US

Canada - French-Canadian



Japan (coming soon)


UK / Ireland

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