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The current position regarding COVID-19(Coronavirus) and implications for parkrun events are available on each Country's blog.


Dogs have been welcome at parkrun since we started, however, we do recognise that they pose a potential risk to participants, and other park users, and we, therefore, ask that parkrunners with dogs abide by the following principles.

  • Only one dog per participant at our 5k events. Most of our 5k events do allow participants with dogs but there are some events which do not. Please check the relevant event website for clarification.
  • With the exception of assistance dogs, dogs are not allowed to accompany walkers, joggers, runners or volunteers at junior parkrun events.
  • Dogs should be kept under firm control, on a short lead or a harness with a short lead, and care must be taken to avoid tripping others.
  • Participants are not permitted to walk, jog, or run with a pushchair and a dog at the same time.
  • Using a wheelchair whilst participating with a dog is not allowed.
  • Dogs should not be registered as parkrun participants. Any registration allocated to a dog, or any other animal, will be deleted and any associated results will be removed.
  • parkrunners are responsible for the welfare of their own dog and cleaning up their mess.
  • Where a dog barking prevents other participants from hearing the pre-event briefing, it should be moved away to stop this happening.

Further information for volunteer event teams

The local event organisers have the authority to intervene if they believe that anyone taking part with a dog is not following our guidance.

Please ensure that any incidents involving dogs are recorded via WebFMS. For further advice, event teams are to contact parkrun HQ at

Some local event teams may feel that their locations are not suitable for dogs and parkrun HQ would be happy to discuss the possibility of designating such events as 'dog-free' Similarly, some events may be in locations where there are by-laws or the landowner has a policy forbidding dogs. In these cases, the fact that the event is 'dog-free' is to be clearly communicated on the event website. For assistance with this, event teams are to contact parkrun HQ at At any event that is dog-free, the rule must be consistently and firmly applied.

Assisted Runs

The option to mark a performance as ‘assisted' has been created in order to protect course records and age records from being set by participants being aided by running with a dog. As such, where a record is set by an individual running with a dog, and using a canicross style harness, this performance is to be marked as assisted on WebFMS. Where a record is set by a participant using a handheld lead then it is up to the local event team on the day as to whether or not they believe the performance was assisted, and they should mark the performance accordingly. In the latter case, the event team’s decision is final.