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We recently published our new global five year strategy that sets out the direction for the future.


We love to celebrate participation at both our 5k and 2k events and to recognise the achievements of participants, whether they are volunteers, walkers, joggers or runners, by welcoming them into various milestone clubs.

When you join a club we will display a milestone icon to be proud of by your name on our website and you can also claim an additional reward if you wish.

5k events

At 5k events the milestone clubs are:

  • junior 10 and v10 (under 18s)
  • 25 and v25
  • 50 and v50
  • 100 and v100
  • 250 and v250
  • 500 and v500
  • 1000 and v1000

Once parkrunners join these clubs they can claim a t-shirt to celebrate joining a 5k milestone club if they wish.

The price of each t-shirt covers the cost of manufacture and warehousing, and includes shipping anywhere in the world.

To check your eligibility and order your t-shirt, simply log in to your parkrun profile at, or see How do I claim my milestone t-shirt?

2k events

At 2k events the milestone clubs are:

  • 11 junior parkruns - half marathon - blue wristband
  • 21 junior parkruns - marathon - green wristband
  • 50 junior parkruns - ultra marathon - orange wristband
  • 100 junior parkruns - grey wristband
  • 250 junior parkruns - yellow wristband
These wristbands are handed out at our junior events by the Event Team. This is a trust-based process and the onus is on the junior participant to declare that they have reached the milestone. There is no requirement for Run Directors to verify eligibility for junior milestone clubs.

Additionally, junior parkrunners can download certificates via the Milestone Club Progress tab of their parkrun profile. Simply log in to your parkrun profile at, or see Are there any participation incentives in the junior series?

Volunteering at junior parkrun counts towards the volunteer milestone clubs.