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The current position regarding COVID-19(Coronavirus) and implications for parkrun events are available on each Country's blog.


The parkrun brand (logo, typeface, colours, imagery and language) is how we visually and audibly communicate the ‘feeling’ of parkrun. Our brand is what makes us recognisable. It stands for inclusivity, openness and fun. It is friendly, reassuring and consistent. The parkrun brand is incredibly important and valuable, and it’s essential that we protect it. That’s why the logo and name ‘parkrun’ are trademarked. We do this so that when anyone sees our name or logo they know what to expect. They know what we stand for.

As a global organisation, parkrun has established guidelines to ensure clarity and consistency across its national and international brand identity and anything carrying the parkrun brand must be approved by parkrun HQ prior to any work commencing.

The parkrun brand guidelines are intended to help keep clarity and consistency across our national and international brand identity. As parkrun continues to grow globally, it is more important than ever for these guidelines to be consulted when creating new material, therefore keeping a strong and consistent identity throughout.

We strongly discourage anyone from designing or creating anything using the parkrun brand. However, if you have a specific need to do so, prior approval should be sought by contacting

As we grow we are finding that some people want to copy us for their own benefit or commercial gain. We have a legal obligation to challenge the misuse of our registered trademarks and so it is sometimes necessary for us to take steps to stop brand infringements when we are aware of them

Event teams must not produce any branded items.

At times events are contacted by local businesses wanting to advertise or promote themselves, donate or provide giveaways to the event. parkrun events are not permitted to distribute promotional items for third party businesses that are not official partners. This policy is to ensure the relationships with our partners, who have invested significantly in our organisation, are protected. This will also minimise the additional workload for parkrun volunteers.

Permanent Signage

Occasionally events might be approached about creating permanent signage that marks when and where a parkrun event takes place. Allowing this could build an expectation that other events should do the same, it would create work in reviewing / approving designs, risks dating as logos, courses and times may change, and is an unnecessary cost (whoever is paying for it).

Therefore we do not support permanent signage at parkrun events. If a council or landowner insists, they can only create something if it does not use any parkrun logos or branding.