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The current position regarding COVID-19(Coronavirus) and implications for parkrun events are available on each Country's blog.

Additional parkrun Days

Each year there are two days where event teams may choose to hold a parkrun on another day.

January 1st

parkrun events may choose to put on an additional event on January 1st each year.

The Special Day

Each country can nominate one special day per year on which they can stage additional events. This can be any day of the year but should coincide with a public holiday, festival or celebration.

Currently, the chosen special days are:


Name of Day

Next Date

List of Events


Christmas Day

25 December

Australia Special Events


Canada Day

1 July

Canada Special Events


Christmas Day

25 December

Denmark Special Events


Christmas Eve

24 December

Finland Special Events


Christmas Day

25 December

France Special Events


German Unity Day

3 October

Germany Special Events


Christmas Day

25 December

Ireland Special Events


Christmas Day

25 December

Italy Special Events


Greenery Day

4 May

Japan Special Events


Malaysia Day

16 September

Malaysia Special Events

New Zealand

Christmas Day

25 December

NZ Special Events


Christmas Eve

24 December

Norway Special Events


Boxing Day

26 December

Poland Special Events


Orthodox Christmas

7 January

Russia Special Events


National Day

9 August

Singapore Special Events

Southern Africa

Freedom Day

27 April

South Africa Special Events


Swedish National Day

6 June

Sweden Special Events

United Kingdom

Christmas Day

25 December

UK Special Events

United States



USA Special Events

Start times on these additional days must be at the same time as the normal event.

It is not compulsory for events to hold a parkrun on either of these days, even if they are a Saturday. The choice is up to the event team and should be based on the ability to hold a safe event on one or both of these days.

Only one event is allowed per venue on each of these days. This means any venue with both 5k and junior events, will need to decide which of the events they would like to hold. Should this occur on a Saturday, the 5k event would get priority, as with Sunday then the junior event would get priority.

Any event planning to deliver a parkrun on either of these days is to ensure that their respective landowners are informed and they have permission for the additional event(s) to go ahead.

It is essential that the event is able to provide an adequate number of volunteers to ensure that the parkrun can take place safely.